Interior visualizations are a great tool to sell designs which are not yet perceivable by the consumer but can be communicated through images with nearly life-like features. By changing the usage of materials, moving the furniture volumes around or even walls, new spaces can be tested, shared and discussed by the parties involved in the realization of such projects, allowing for minor or major tweaks.

Realistic and virtually vibrant images can be achieved long before the building process has begun, allowing for informed decision making but more importantly leaving space, time and money over for true design and aimed planning.


With the ability to change lighting and/or camera angles, and offering an array of beautifully chosen materials, based on your sketches and input, we can accurately bring your interior design visions to life. Whether it would be for testing purposes, or simply to add a set of classy visualizations to the existing 2D plans for promotion purposes, Kontravision can offer you a wide spectrum of 3D Rendering solutions with realistic illumination and highly appealing materials.

If you have any questions or would like to bounce some ideas around, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help you materialize your concepts or ideas. It's what we do best, and we do it with care and loads of pleasure.

You can also use our services for creation of design 3D models, video-editing, motion graphics, selling brochures, video presentations, educative videos and much more.


:: Piramide Woning _ Homerus Kwartier, Almere ::

3D modeling : 3D rendering : digital compositing

The next three images, are 3D interior renders fully modeled by Kontravision. Starting from 2D CAD drawings, we pulled the whole building up, meaning that every volume was created (extruded) and placed in the 3D environment, by hand.

These renders were intended to be used for official Building Applications. The design and 2D CAD drawings were realized by Architectencentrale in Amsterdam. These two pyramids are now part of the Homeruskwartier in Almere, Overgooi, in the Netherlands. The project is complete, and here you can find more about it.

Wanneer u binnenkort langs Overgooi rijdt, hoeft u niet vreemd op te kijken als u denkt twee piramides te zien. Het is geen fata morgana, u ziet echt twee gouden bouwwerken van Robert van Harten. Hij en zijn vriendin bouwen samen met vriend Sattwa Valk de twee piramides waar zij altijd al van droomden.https://www.ikbouwmijnhuisinalmere.nl